What determines good Vision?

There are four things I believe determine the quality of your vision.

A deep seated desire to excel: If you have low expectations and ambitions for life, it is easy to settle for something lower than your potential. A good vision is shaped and crafted by what you expect to give the world and what you are expecting in return.

A trajectory that goes beyond success towards significance: We all want our lives to have meaning. It's not enough to simply attain a measure of success. All champions want to win more than once for the express reason that they aspire to be significant. Our lives must count for something more than a statistic in a geography textbook.

The burning passion factor: good vision is shaped by an unflinching and dogged passion for what ever problem or challenge you are trying to solve. This is important because Rome was not built in a day rather good vision is tapered your dedication and desire to see it fulfilled in your lifetime and beyond.

A long term and eternal perspective: Maximus in the Gladiator once said, “What we do on this earth echoes into eternity.” A long term and eternal perspective engenders a sense of purpose beyond ourselves. When we shape vision it must at least be trans-generational. Our thoughts must be for our children, our children’s children and their children’s children. it is not enough to have a vision that will perish with us and we hear men and women say, “Here lies a man who died with a dream to change the world but died with that vision!”

Dare to see beyond yourself!

Excerpt from the book the Catapult Effect written by Musekiwa Samuriwo

Musekiwa is a prolific and eccentric author with amazing titles suitable for business strategy and daily living, which he has published.

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