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Unearthing the Real Treasures in Africa

There has been so much talk over the years about the mineral wealth and the vast tracts of natural resources endowed to Africa. Yet, having watched a video a friend of mine Okay-Farayi Chinyanga of The Formation shared about coffee, I came to the conclusion that one of the most important treasures in Africa is its people.

If we are to make any strides in development and economic growth then it is important to finally acknowledge and invest in a critical resources that will achieve sustaining economic growth. This should not merely be a conversation about improving the education system but rather a systematic view of the African; especially the mind set. There has been a lot of negative perception and talk about the African.

Sadly, it only tells one side of the story and the least significant as a matter of fact. As important as it is to highlight problems and weaknesses it is of greater value to unravel and uncover the strengths and positive attributes of Africa’s people. Importantly, Africa’s greatest treasure has many dimensions that can create value such as:



It is often easier to talk about a person’s ignorance if we are myopic; it takes great dignity and honour to ascribe and affirm goodness in another person. This is the case with Africa. We speak less of the goodness in Africa and spend more time focusing on the negative things. To truly uncover the untold the rich tapestry of knowledge and wisdom locked in the minds of Africa’s people, we must find it in the people we meet everyday on Africa’s streets. The knowledge in Africa’s citizens plays a central role in the economic development of the continent.


Much of the knowledge required to solve Africa’s problems is locked up in the human minds in Africa. We cannot look to inanimate natural resources to develop new products, process or concepts for the future. Rather, we can invest and tap into a billion minds to inevitably unlock real sustainable value. Not only do we then get to drink different types of coffee, we also then have the express opportunity to uncover new ways of thinking and technology.

The Treasure Hunt Begins

“It doesn’t matter what is happening to the economy , government or your industry . It matters what is going on in your imagination if you have a rich imagination then you are going to have rich experiences.” Mark Victor Hansen

Governments will take years to change and we can not stake the future of the continent in the hands of a few men and women. Economies will shift as noted by the boons across the continent, therefore we cannot pin our hopes and ambitions solely on macro economic fundamentals though they are critically important. Industries will evolve. Thus we cannot simply, rely on say agriculture or mining to shape our continents future.

As Mark Victor Hansen says, we must invest and mine the rich imaginations that lie untapped across the continent. If we are to be truly wealthy, a systematic approach to extracting and formalizing the vast and deep veins of knowledge, diversity and innovation laden in Africa’s people. A goat herder discovered coffee and it became a revolutionary and world changing innovation. Imagine, what will happen when 1 billion minds are unleashed!

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