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The Silicon Illusion: the numbers game

The Effect of Numbers

The Quality of the Numbers

The capacity to appeal to the numbers (clear problem definition)

The Right Business Model for your Market

What can Zimbabwean and African startups do?

The Born Global Phenomenon — solving local challenges with a global or regional appetite.

  1. The market in your home country is not large enough to support the scale at which you need to operate.
  2. Most of your potential customers are foreign,multinational companies.
  3. Many of your potential customers have overseas operations where they will use your products or services.
  4. You operate in a knowledge-intensive or high-technology sector.
  5. Having the most technically advanced offering in the world is key to your competitive advantage.
  6. Your product or service category faces few trade barriers.
  7. Your product or service has high value relative to its transportation and other logistics costs.
  8. Customer needs and tastes are fairly standard across your potential country-markets.
  9. Your product or service has significant first mover advantages or network effects.
  10. Your major competitors have already internationalized or will do so soon.
  11. You have key managers who are experienced in international business.

An Exponential Mindset — challenges of incremental thinking

Business planning vs. having a business plan

Creating a Brand




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