The Path to Significance

I was facilitating a #strategy training session and I asked the participants, “What is the first thing you recall about the late #stevejobs?” Their responses were profound. They all mentioned the word Apple. It wasn’t the billions he had in the bank.

They remembered how he impacted the world. Steve Jobs changed how we interact with the word, apple. He changed the way we communicate. The way we listen to music. How we design. And, ultimately, he changed the way we view each other and the world, He was #significant.

Yet, he wasn’t free from suffering nor was he blinkered by his success. Rather, he discovered and lived in his purpose and #significance. I believe each one of us can do the same.

You can discover what gives you meaning and uncover what makes you significant. You’re not a brief candle dancing in the wind but, a splendid torch, a beacon lit up for present and future generations.

You can rise above your suffering and use your success to catapult you to significance.

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Musi Sam

Musi Sam


Love writing about life and anything inspirational. I try to life forward.