The future of Zimbabwe

With so much uncertainty swirling around it is difficult for many people to see what the future may hold. Is it a coup? Is the army taking over? Will we have another ruler whose grip on power will last a long time? Will the president be impeached? Will he retire? Is this ZANU PF’s way of revitalizing the party? Will the president survive and retain his power? Yet, no matter how many times we analyse and discuss these questions there are no clear and factual answers. Rather, there is a lot of presumption, assumption and superficial analysis that is compounding the uncertainty and anxiety.

I believe the questions no one has asked that can offer us credible insight into the future are as follows:

1. Does Zimbabwe have a promising future?

2. Who is the custodian of that future?

The first answer is a bold and factual yes. Despite the uncertainty and angst, Zimbabwe remains poised and positioned for a great and prosperous future. Why? The reason is answered by the answer to the second question I have posed. If we can accept that the custodians of Zimbabwe are its people then the future is bright. The turmoil we have experienced in the past few weeks and possibly the past few years have uncovered 6 treasures that point to a great future. And it is the responsibility of every citizen to nurture and harness these treasures for a prosperous future.

1. Zimbabwe’s citizens have a voice.

2. Zimbabwe’s citizens have hope.

3. The Zimbabwean people can be united.

4. The Zimbabwean people have passion.

5. The Zimbabwean people have courage.

6. Lastly Zimbabweans want to work.

In conclusion, it is important to accept that the conditions remain uncertain. It is not clear what will happen in the coming weeks or months. Subsequently, we must ensure that the events of the past few weeks do not distract the people of Zimbabwe from the truth that we are and will always remain the custodians of this great country. Furthermore that we can decide and determine what future will emerge from the current dispensation.

The danger is that the cynics among us will point to all the potential negative pitfalls that cover the road to the future. The optimists will try and ignore the negative and uncertain conditions that prevail and simply believe with no anchor of hope. The pessimist will summon the past and remind us of the false dawns and betrayals of yesteryear. But the prayer is that the realists among us will accept that the present and near term future is uncertain but spur and point us towards a bold and asserted hope that the future for Zimbabwe and its people will be prosperous nonetheless.

Musekiwa is a prolific and eccentric author with amazing titles suitable for business strategy and daily living, which he has published.