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Live life forward

Whenever you wake up every day, it’s an opportunity to live. It’s time to do something that inspires you to unlock your passion, stretch your limits, and challenge your brain. It is a chance to push yourself and break past the fog of your fears.

There is no reason to wait for someday in the future to experience this, it is something that needs to be done every day called TODAY.

Remember that the day you call tomorrow is as close as it was today. 10 years ago the day you are reading this article was called tomorrow, now it’s called today. 10 years from now a day you have planned and dreamed of will be called today. Why wait for tomorrow when you are in possession of the potential to act today?

Every breath is a moment. It is a moment for righteousness, being right with God and yourself. Respiration is a change to have a balanced mind, body, and soul. It is an opportunity to have inexplicable peace in your heart, as you live in this challenging world. It is a chance to have abounding joy, an innate satisfaction with who you are with no regrets.

So seize every moment to breathe. Breathe deeply and passionately, because you are alive. Breathe because there is a reason why you are still in this world right now.

Inhale and exhale with purpose because the air in your lungs is always a chance to do something meaningful. You can die or quit anytime but living forward really requires courage. Boldly proclaim, “I want to live more today.” Live forward.

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Love writing about life and anything inspirational. I try to life forward.