3 things you need to make your product/service viral

You need to SOLVE A PROBLEM:

You need to deliver DELIVER QUALITY:


  1. Your product/idea aligns with moral and ethical standards within the community, Imagine trying to sell beef burgers to a community of people who believe cows are sacred. That’s why McDonald’s Indian menu has no beef or pork.
  2. Your product/service delivers functionality that is relevant and useful. This is deeply entrenched in the way the product is made and why it has been made in that way. How much of the product design has taken into consideration customer need? How much of the product development process has appreciated the customer’s context. Everything from packaging to the quality of raw materials affects the perceived value a product derives from the customer.
  3. Your product has sufficient benefits to extract a monetary returns from the community. The community intently frequents your distribution channels to access your product



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Musi Sam

Musi Sam


Love writing about life and anything inspirational. I try to life forward.