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Someone who has dedicated themselves solely to theory knows everything but can do nothing.[1] Professor Lohn

In this age of knowledge, information and data, it is no longer a matter of what you know but, what you do with what you know. We live in a highly competitive and cluttered world where our knowledge and relevance is easily drowned out by the latest fad or the thing deemed the most relevant or practical.

It is an age replete with options and multiple paths to follow. The question is which is the right path to take? …

I love ideas and I love innovation, especially when they become products and services. But at times it is difficult to bring ideas or innovations into the public space especially in Zimbabwe and probably around Africa. When I wrote the book the Lion and the Maasai Warrior, one of the things that was burning on my heart was the need to develop local solutions in Africa that solve local problems. In light of this I have been exploring and thinking around what would make any idea viral in Africa.

You need to SOLVE A PROBLEM:

Whenever and wherever your product/service intersects with an unmet need there…

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<span>Photo by <a href=”;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_content=cre

I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all. Eccl9:11 New International Version

It would be easy to conclude that this verse is talking about some form of luck because it mentions chance. Yet, the Hebrew word for chance implies that something inevitably happens when time intersects with opportunity. It is not merely coincidence, because it’s not always the strongest that win the…

I’m not a big guy by whatever standards you choose to judge me, weight, height or size but one thing I enjoy most is walking into the gym and squatting or dead-lifting weights. I’m a recent convert to the gym and I’m far from being an expert or master. But, one thing I have learned is that to lift any weight especially free weights, I have to be totally focused and engaged.

If I’m not, I am setting myself for failure and certain injury. It is the same with life and anything else you want to achieve in life. You…

Confronting the tension between certainty and uncertainty in life

Life is a paradox

When the world came to a complete standstill this year, what may have come to the surface is the contrary nature of your life. You thought you were moving or making progress but, you’re not. You are stuck in a mundane routine, taking 1 step forward and two steps back.

You thought everything was good but, the lock-down has shown you that it’s not. Your family is a mess, your career is a dead end and your finances are beyond strained. …

When I wrote the book the Catapult Effect in 2019, I was convinced that business is war. In January this year, I was reflecting on my goals and planning for an awesome 2020, with great plans for my business and my life in general. By the time I was celebrating my birthday on the 1st of March the threat of COVID-19 was becoming much more apparent. COVID-19 was threatening our health, survival and way of life.

When nations started going into lock-down, it was painful to hear of deaths and hard to see vibrant city streets emptied of all life…

The creative act is not an act of creation in the sense of the Old Testament. It does not create something out of nothing; it uncovers, selects, re-shuffles, combines, synthesizes already existing facts, ideas, faculties, skills. The more familiar the parts, the more striking the new whole.

Koestler’s law of creativity

It is a simple but very profound quote that represents the power and value of creativity in life. And this is not merely artistic endeavors but also scientific. Our quest as Africans to solve our problems must stem from an intimate interaction with our context at all levels. …

Source The Formation: Bean There coffee company

There has been so much talk over the years about the mineral wealth and the vast tracts of natural resources endowed to Africa. Yet, having watched a video a friend of mine Okay-Farayi Chinyanga of The Formation shared about coffee, I came to the conclusion that one of the most important treasures in Africa is its people.

If we are to make any strides in development and economic growth then it is important to finally acknowledge and invest in a critical resources that will achieve sustaining economic growth. This should not merely be a conversation about improving the education system…

There are four things I believe determine the quality of your vision.

A deep seated desire to excel: If you have low expectations and ambitions for life, it is easy to settle for something lower than your potential. A good vision is shaped and crafted by what you expect to give the world and what you are expecting in return.

A trajectory that goes beyond success towards significance: We all want our lives to have meaning. It's not enough to simply attain a measure of success. All champions want to win more than once for the express reason that they…

With so much uncertainty swirling around it is difficult for many people to see what the future may hold. Is it a coup? Is the army taking over? Will we have another ruler whose grip on power will last a long time? Will the president be impeached? Will he retire? Is this ZANU PF’s way of revitalizing the party? Will the president survive and retain his power? Yet, no matter how many times we analyse and discuss these questions there are no clear and factual answers. …

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Musekiwa is a prolific and eccentric author with amazing titles suitable for business strategy and daily living, which he has published.

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